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Processing of cookies

The website of uses cookies for operating the website, for facilitating the using of the website, for tracking the activities done on the website and for displaying the relevant offers.

Please read this document thoroughly and use the services of the website only if you agree to each of its points and you accept them as points that bind you (as the user). We draw your attention to the fact that this policy refers only to the cookie management that takes place at the given website.

A Cookie is a small-sized data package that is stored in the browser programme by the internet services. Using cookies is an indispensable technology for operating an online service that provides an efficient and modern user experience. This technology is nowadays supported by all the browsers.

First the client machine sends a request to the server. In response to this request the server creates a unique identifier and stores it in its own database. Subsequently, it sends to the client the cookie created this way with all the information included therein. The cookie thus received is stored on the client machine.

When the client machine contacts the server the next time, it will already attach to the contact request the previously already created and stored cookie. The server compares the contents of cookie thus received with the cookie it already stored. This way it easily identifies the registered user logging in. For example without this, it would not be possible to login to the website.

Cookies used by the website and their purposes

The website uses the cookies for the following purposes

  • developing our website,
  • facilitating your navigation on our website and in the course of using the functions of our website in order to ensure a smooth user experience,
  • collecting information on  the way you use our website – for assessing which sections of our website you visit or use the most in order to learn the way we will be able to provide for you an even better user experience on the next occasion you will visit our website,
  • learning the way we will be able to provide a better experience for you, when you will visit our website again,
  • placing targeted advertisements on other websites,
  • differentiating, identifying the browser users,
  • tracking the activities done on our website in order to be able to forward to you messages about offers in which your are interested or that are important for you.

Cookie types

Cookies ensuring basic operation

These cookies ensure the appropriate operation of the website, they facilitate its using, and they collect information on the way our website is used without identifying our visitors.

This includes for example the storing of the values of using the calculator, the status of accepting cookie processing, storing the methods and the data of logging in, the statuses of the website notification messages and the reduced functionality Google Analytics code.

Do not forget that without using these cookies we are not able to guarantee for you the comfortable using of our website.

Cookies for statistical purposes

We also use cookies that allow us gathering information concerning the way our visitors use our website for the purpose of developing our website and improving the experiences that are provided for the users. These cookies are not able to identify you personally, they collect information like which site our visitor has visited, the user clicked on which section of the website, how many pages the visitor visited, how long were the specific sessions, which were the possible error messages generated.


Cookies ensuring performance

For example, the cookies of Google Analytics are also this type of performance ensuring cookies. In order to get additional information about the cookies of Google Analytics please click on the following link:

The cookies of Google Optimize are also performance ensuring cookies. You may get information here on Google Optimize:

Targeted and advertising Cookies

The purpose of these cookies is to present advertisements on our website in which you are especially interested or which are relevant for you. These cookies are not able to identify you personally without your consent, they collect information like which page our visitor saw, on which section of the website the visitor clicked on, how many pages the visitor visited, and this is done in order to learn which contents you are interested in.

Upon your consent we may use the information we collect while tracking your website usage together with your personal data for adjusting our marketing communication even better to your demands and to raise your attention to offers that are even more customised to you.

We use the advertising cookies of the following service providers on our Website:

Google Adwords

Detailed information may be found concerning this service through the following link:


Detailed information may be found concerning this service at the following link:


Detailed information may be found concerning this service at the following link:


Detailed information may be found concerning this service at the following link:

Ide minden szolgáltatást fel kell sorolni, aki sütit ment a weboldalukon.

How can you check and how can you switch off the cookies?

Each modern browser program allows the changing of the setting of the cookies. Most of the browsers automatically accept the cookies as default, nevertheless, these settings can be usually changed, thus the browser is able to prevent the automatic acceptance of cookies, and it is able to offer on each occasion the possibility of selecting whether you want to permit cookies or not.

We draw your attention to the fact that since the purpose of the cookies is to facilitate or to allow the usability and the processes of our website, it may happen that you will not be able to use fully the functions of our website and the website will function otherwise than planned in your browser if the application of the cookies is prevented or if they are deleted.

You may get acquainted with the cookies settings of the most popular browsers at the following links:

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