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New Embryo Types

We have some new frozen embryo types for you. We paired some excellent showjumping stallions with our quality broodmares, so from now there are available

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End-of-year sales

Have you been thinking of the next breeding season? Here is the best solution for you! You can purchase frozen embryos for cheaper price from

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Our Story

I am Gyula Erdélyi, I am working with agriculture since my young ages. We are located in Cegléd in the heart of Hungary. We have a stabil family company where the success is guaranteed by the 800 hectares of agricultural land under our cultivation and the 400 pieces of Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle on the farm, called Kugla Major.

Our well-funcioning business encouraged me to seek new challenges.

In 1995, my interest was piqued by equestrian sports for the first time. Since I had no experience before in horse riding, I needed an equestrian expert. This is how I found Viktor Sári, who is a horse breeder and an active equestrian coach.

Our first goal was to start showjumping and to achieve this, we purchased horses and good riders.

Ceglédi Equestrian Club

We established the Ceglédi Equestrian Club and we recruited young, talented riders such as Gábor Fábiáncsics, András Zajzon and László Karádi. These riders achieved increasingly better results year after years. xx

For example, Gábor Fábiáncsics represented Hungary at the Young Riders European Championship in the saddle of Meran and the finished 2nd place on the World Cup at Budapest.

During these years breeding did not pose a significant role to me, as it seemed to take too long time before the breeder could see the result. So I turned my attention to homing pigeons, where the generational interval is much shorter. When it comes to homing pigeon racing one cannot separate breeding from racing. My domestic and international successes in this field awakened a new idai within me: the possibilities are here (land, high-quality pastures, stables and other facilities) and I would try myself in horse breeding as well.


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