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We Have One Goal

To Provide The Highest Quality of showjumping horses and to have a leading role in the breeding

Our story

I am Gyula Erdélyi, I am working with agriculture since my young ages. We are located in Cegléd in the heart of Hungary. We have a stabil family company where the success is guaranteed by the 800 hectares of agricultural land under our cultivation and the 400 pieces of Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle on the farm, called Kugla Major.

Our well-funcioning business encouraged me to seek new challenges.

In 1995, my interest was piqued by equestrian sports for the first time. Since I had no experience before in horse riding, I needed an equestrian expert. This is how I found Viktor Sári, who is a horse breeder and an active equestrian coach.

Our first goal was to start showjumping and to achieve this, we purchased horses and good riders.

We established the Ceglédi Equestrian Club and we recruited young, talented riders such as Gábor Fábiáncsics, András Zajzon and László Karádi. These riders achieved increasingly better results year after years. For example, Gábor Fábiáncsics represented Hungary at the Young Riders European Championship in the saddle of Meran and the finished 2nd place on the World Cup at Budapest.

During these years breeding did not pose a significant role to me, as it seemed to take too long time before the breeder could see the result. So I turned my attention to homing pigeons, where the generational interval is much shorter. When it comes to homing pigeon racing one cannot separate breeding from racing. My domestic and international successes in this field awakened a new idea within me: the possibilities are here (land, high-quality pastures, stables and other facilities) and I would try myself in horse breeding as well.

Our Mission

Our breeding goal is to utilize the most advanced breeding technology – ICSI – to acquire mares with the best pedigrees in showjumping, who have already proven themselves through their offsprings and pairing them with the best alive and deceased stallions from around the world. In case of normal breeding technology we would inseminate a mare with fresh or frozen semen of the stallion, BUT in this advanced technology we are able to do embryos and we freeze them, this is called ICSI (IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection).

Of course we are dealing with normal insemination with our homebred mares and we give the chance to our young stallions in sport to find the ultimate future showjumping stars.

We started again the training and competing in showjumping with our foals, and if they are ready they can find their new homes where they can achieve their best in sport on the highest levels.

What does frozen embryo or ICSI mean?

The frozen embryo is a 7-10 days viable embryo, which is frozen so this is why it can be stored longtherm and can be transported safely. These embryos can be produced only in strict clinical conditions. They do OPU on the donor mares, which means ovum pick up, this is when they retrieve the oocytes from the mares with the excellent pedigrees. These oocytes will be examined under microscope and the most viable oocytes will be selected and inseminated with the preselected stallion’s semens. These fertilised oocytes will be incubated in laboratory and after this process we will have the number of viable embryos. The last step is the freezing of these embryos so now we have the transportable frozen embryos which can be delivered and implanted worldwide. During this ICSI process thanks to the advanced medical science they can determine the gender of the embryo.

Events of the recent past

  • 2019: We bought some foals and broodmares with outstanding pedigrees together with Gábor Fábiáncsics.
  • 2020: We had the first few foals, like Arabella, Sandokan E Raszpov, Sandokan E Rigoletto, Sandokan E Ronaldino. In this year We also got in touch with Viktor Sári and we commited him as the consultant manager of the breeding.
  • 2021: Ten foals born in our breeding from the world’s top sires like: Emerald van’t Ruytershof, I’m Special de Muze, Mylord Carthago, Conthargos, Chacoon blue, etc.
  • 2022: We had the first ICSI foals in our stable with great sales success. Finally our first Chacco-blue foals were born.
  • 2023: Some really excellent foals born, mostly from Chacco-blue and Diarado. Our horses started the competitions.
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  • E.Sporthorses team


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